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Heating Costs On The Rise

According to National Grid, the average household will pay $943 for natural gas heating this winter, which is a 39% increase since last year. The most recent prices for home heating oil in the North Country have doubled since last year. Now more than ever, you’re going to want to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. Your heating and cooling system likely uses the most energy in your home, reportedly up to 47%. 

Call a heating professional and have your furnace checked. Replace filters if needed, vacuum furnace interior, check the fan belt, and lubricate the oil bearings. This will ensure your furnace is running efficiently, and may even save you money on energy costs

Approximately 30% of a home’s heat escapes through small cracks and holes under doors and around windows. Use caulking, spray foam, or weather stripping around windows and doors. An easy fix for drafty windows is DIY plastic wrap kits. The result will be a more evenly heated home and a reduction in utility costs.

Simple steps like turning down the thermostat and water heater, adding area rugs, closing doors to unused rooms and hanging insulated drapes over your windows can help cut costs.  

Making even small adjustments can help save on heating costs. Grab a blanket and get ready.  You know what’s coming.

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