Innovative 11 years-old Grandson Working on LifeandHomes Media Platform

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Hi, my name is Parker Lange and I am 11 years old, and I am working with my Papa [ David lisi].

My job is to help you in advertising & marketing services. CNY LifeandHomes Media Platform LifeandHomes™ is a local Media/News/Publishing Company.  


CNY LifeandHomes Magazine Ads

Take your advertising efforts to the next level with magazine ads.  We create digital and print magazines.  Then we distribute them to the local area via our subscriber list, focused digital marketing efforts, cooperating advertisers and our partner networks.  We also welcome your involvement in promoting them in local businesses.  Together, we all help one another.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social media can be confusing and time-consuming so we’re making it easy. We’ve tapped into national experts on social media to bring you targeted posts like the pros do it.  Boost your ad to your own network (no cost), or use our tools to advertise to a wider network of highly-targeted users on Facebook and we’ll handle it all for you.



“Buy Local” Directory

Add your business to our SEO-friendly local area business directory to help customers find you on the search engines and on LifeandHomes.  Add more info including video, coupons, menus, business hours, recent articles and more.  Advertising helps customers confirm your status as a verified local business.  They can also click through to your individual profile page and find out more about all that you offer.



Local Mortgage Lenders

We’ve redesigned LifeandHomes to provide you with a dedicated profile page (if you choose).  Direct your clients to the page, attract new customers and connect with area professionals.  We’ll take care of the technology on the page, and you control the basic settings like your photo and logo.


Post Cards, Flyers & Print Promos

Who says print doesn’t work?  Print still gets results in rural communities, small towns, and just about anywhere mail is delivered.Our team makes it incredibly easy by handling all the details from creating custom designs to digital and print media you can distribute.  And, you’ll be supporting local businesses in the process (thanks for that.)



Real Estate Sellers and Landlords

We welcome all property listings whether you’re a property manager, a new-home builder, commercial property, homeowner, landowner or a landlord.  And we invite you to place ads and create promo materials with LifeandHomes.  If you are a licensed real estate professional, more services are available to promote property locally and nationally (plus handle the long list of legal aspects) using our MLS Service.  Need a real estate agent?  Check out our directory of local pros. Add Your Listing

Contact me to get more details at 315-525-2994 Email:

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