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Deck Maintenance: Visual Signals to Look Out For

Keeping a deck in good condition is essential for safety and aesthetic purposes. While regular maintenance is important, it is also important to be aware of visual signals that can indicate when a deck needs attention. It’s much cheaper to hire a local professional to replace a board or to or to stain and reseal than it is to replace an entire deck, after all. As writes, “By properly maintaining your deck, you can avoid these problems and keep your outdoor entertainment space looking like new all year long.”

The most common visual signals that indicate a deck is in need of maintenance are splintering, warping, and discoloration. Splintering is when the wood fibers of the deck become exposed, creating a rough surface. Warping is when the boards of the deck become bent or twisted. Discoloration is when the wood of the deck begins to fade or change color. Boards with major flaws are easily replaced at a low cost as part of a professional deck repair service so don’t ignore this problem.

Other visual signals to look out for include loose nails, loose screws, and cracks in the wood. Loose nails and screws can cause the boards of the deck to become loose, creating a tripping hazard. Cracks in the wood can cause the boards to become weak and can lead to further damage. It’s natural for boards to slowly begin to separate, left up, bend, and so on without maintenance which will result in nails and screws popping out and breaking. It may seem like a minor annoyance to stumble over a board here or there but it’s likely disguising a growing structural issue.

It is important to inspect a deck regularly for any of these visual signals. If any of these signs are present, it is important to take action and repair the deck as soon as possible. Taking the time to inspect and maintain a deck can help ensure it is safe and in good condition for years to come. What’s more, the better condition a deck is kept in, the easier it is to really enjoy the structure throughout the year. Avoid heavy replacement costs by simply building much more affordable professional maintenance into the household budget and yearly upkeep routine.

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