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Amazing: Tri-State Pigs Fight Off Black Bear in Staggering Video

Upstate New York News

Note to black bears in the Hudson Valley: don’t mess with our farm animals. An amazing video recently showed exactly what happens when a predator attacked the wrong pigs.

While it’s not necessarily out of the ordinary for a bear to attack a domestic animal, it is unique for the animal to fight back. Just a few months ago, for example, a hungry black bear attacked and killed a miniature donkey in Hudson, NY (and even tried to return for more). These pigs in Connecticut, however, were ready to defend themselves.

Bear vs Farm Pigs

In what may be the only recorded video of such an event, domestic pigs in Connecticut were caught off guard when a large black bear approached their pen. The farm animals seem unbothered as the bear not only raises on their back feet, but actually begins to climb the enclosure’s fence.

Don’t mess with these piggies! 👊 🐷

As soon as the bear’s paws hit the ground inside the pen, however, the pig springs into action, immediately running towards the larger animal in an apparent attempt to either ram or bite it. The first defender then seems to tag out as another pig emerges from a shed and takes its own turn fending off the predator. The video (below) shows how the two porkers eventually manage to corner the beaten bear.

Play Video:

The bear once again rears up on its hind legs, but the pigs hold their ground. The would-be hunter’s body language can only be described as frightened as it seems to grip the fence before literally hightailing it out of there.

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