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MLS For Real Estate Investors That Boost Their Earnings!

A Straightforward Way For Investors to Advertise Their Listings Across Multiple Platforms and Build Their Brand Locally.

Secure Funding

Have you ever felt the crushing weight of financing challenges?

Stand Out 

Feeling the relentless struggle against cutthroat competition?

Branding Professionals 

Overwhelmed by burden of branding and marketing costs?

The Perfect Solution

Real Estate Investors, bid farewell to the obstacles and setbacks that have hindered your investment journey. Embrace the CNY LifeandHomes MLS, your gateway to an exclusive spectrum of financing solutions that effortlessly navigate traditional barriers, fortifying your real estate pursuits. With our MLS listing syndication, your properties gain expansive exposure on over 100 prominent real estate websites nationwide. Elevate your brand’s visibility locally through our digital magazine advertisements, targeted social media campaigns, broadcast and streaming TV video ads, and local SEO-driven direct mail initiatives and much more!

Our CNY LifeandHomes MLS Investor’s Have Seen a 20 % Increase In Business Transactions! 

“Great Publication & Platform! The magazine is terrific, and this MLS site’s list of open houses is a valuable asset to us Realtors, as well as to buyers and sellers. Lisi Group is easy to work with, and their ad prices are reasonable, especially given the publication’s shelf life and wide distribution. I’d encourage all to advertise with them!”

– Barbara Owens, Lic. R. E. Assoc. Broker, HUNT Real Estate ERA – Clinton

“I’ve been working with their CNY LifeandHomes MLS Magazine. I use their magazine for advertising my CNY listings, both in print and digitally. Recently, they started a L&H YouTube channel, which has boosted the visibility of my listings that made them more noticeable. I’m really pleased with their creative and innovative team – they’ve been one of our main marketing outlets at Gateway Properties for years.”

– Nick Polce, Lic. R. E. Broker/Owner- Gateway Properties, Alder Creek

” On a daily basis, I distinguish myself from many other professionals in the field. I’m actively assisting customers in buying and selling their dream homes, while also personally scouting real estate deals in the Mohawk Valley area to identify my next investment opportunity. I’ve been utilizing CNY LifeandHomes MLS services for over a year. I’ve found it to be a valuable tool for establishing my local presence and uncovering new opportunities. Keep up the great work, Dave!”

– Ryan Hastings, Lic. R. E. Salesperson – Coldwell Banker Faith, Utica NY

Why Choose LifeandHomes MLS

We provide a network of lending options from private and institutional sources.

Print/Digital Magazine

Members in this package can reach an impressive audience of 25,000 monthly from our print magazine, and impressions on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites.


MLS Website

Website generates 150 unique searches per day with listings and content pages, capturing organic and paid online traffic.


MLS Syndication

Expand reach and increase transactions by distributing your listings to over 100 real estate websites, including and


Insider Newsletter

Your Listings & Branding is connected with a growing number of readers seeking the latest real estate news and valuable insights.


CMS Manager

You have access to a Content Manager Specialist to oversee your online content and engage readers to share links, view editorial content, and video privileges.

Media Alliances and Joint Ventures:

We amplify content and attract more customers by leveraging media alliances.


YouTube Network

Maximize exposure locally & nationwide through a video platform using advanced algorithms and content tags to reach the right audience.

Life and Homes Facebook

CNY LifeandHomes Facebook Page

Leverage the Facebook page with 2,500 followers to boost the business directory page and increase online visibility.


$40 Per Month
  • Digital Magazine
  • MLS Website
  • MLS Syndication
  • Insider Weekly Newsletter
  • CMS Manager
  • Media Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • YouTube Network
  • CNY LifeandHomes Facebook Page


$250 Per Month

Professionally Designed 1/2 Page Magazine Ad Placement
Unique Voiceflip AI Boost feature

  • Everything in the Basic Account Tier Plus:
  • Digital Magazine
  • MLS Website
  • MLS Syndication
  • Insider Weekly Newsletter
  • CMS Manager
  • Media Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • YouTube Network
  • CNY LifeandHomes Facebook Page


$950 Per Month

All features in the Basic and
Standard Tiers plus:

Full Page magazine ad
Social Media Ad Campaign
Youtube & News Network Placement
Digital Magazine Inclusion with active links
Additional Services*
Social Media Strategist

*Additional services can include publishing videos, Open Houses, Press Releases, Photos, and regular content on the CNY LifeandHomes website.


What is the CNY LifeandHomes MLS for Real Estate Investors service?

The CNY LifeandHomes MLS service is a comprehensive platform designed for real estate investors to enhance their investment endeavors. It offers access to a wide range of features to support your real estate business.

How can I subscribe to the service?

Subscribing to our service is easy. Just select the subscription level that suits you on our landing page and proceed with the payment through secure credit card processing.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime, and is there a refund policy?

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time with no long-term commitments. For our 6 to 12 months contracts, please check our contract refund policy for more details related to cancellations and refunds.

How can this service help me secure funding for my real estate investments?

Our platform provides access to a network of lending options from both private and institutional sources, making it easier for you to secure the funding you need for your real estate projects.

How can I benefit from the MLS website and MLS syndication?

Our MLS website generates significant online traffic, helping your listings gain exposure. MLS syndication distributes your listings to over 100 real estate websites, increasing visibility and potential transactions.

Can I advertise in the print/digital magazine, and what is the audience reach?

Yes, you can advertise in our print/digital magazine, reaching an audience of 25,000 monthly. Your listings will also be featured on social media and other websites.

What support do you offer for managing online content?

We provide access to a Content Manager Specialist who can help oversee your online content, engage readers, and manage your content effectively.

How does the YouTube network and Facebook page boost my online visibility?

Our YouTube network and Facebook page help maximize your exposure locally and nationwide. They use advanced algorithms and content tags to reach the right audience and increase your online visibility.

How have other investors benefited from your service?

Many investors have seen a 20% increase in their business transactions with our service. Their testimonials highlight the value of our platform and how it has contributed to their success.

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